Kawasaki Parts FAQs

Can I Buy OEM Kawasaki Parts Directly from Kawasaki?

Only authorized dealerships like Kawasaki Parts Warehouse sell Kawasaki OEM parts.

How Can I Confirm I’ll Receive the Correct Replacement Parts?

When making an order, provide the serial number and/or VIN of your model. This ensures you order the correct and genuine parts.

How Do I Know What Kawasaki Model I Have?

Each Kawasaki unit comes with a unique VIN number. The VIN is usually located on your vehicle's body frame. If you’re unsure of your vehicle's year and model, please give us a call to run your VIN.

I Lost My Kawasaki Keys! Can You Help?

Contact your Kawasaki dealer with the key number and ownership proof to get a new key. If you don’t know your key number, also contact the dealership. Often, the dealership will record and file the key number even after the purchase. Keep in mind that you’ll still have to provide ownership proof.

When Will My Kawasaki Parts Arrive?

Customers typically receive their packages within 3-7 business days from when their orders get placed. Shipping time will depend on the size of their orders and their location.

Can I Expedite My Order?

Orders are shipped via third-party postal services, meaning you can expedite your orders with them. Customers can expect their shipments within 3-7 business days.